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Mini Mahj - How to Play with Kids!

Mini Mahj - How to Play with Kids!
Play Away Mahjong Cards are designed for beginners and on-the-go enthusiasts alike!
But did you know you could also get creative and play with your kids?!


Mini Mahjong: How to Play with Kids!

You probably know Mahjong and similar games are great for keeping your brain sharp, but did you know it’s also great for kids? Children that play mahjong have been shown to have higher IQs and other benefits to cognitive skills. Here are a few ways to introduce kids of all ages to Mahjong using Play Away Cards: 

  1. Matching Game: Introduce kids as young as 3 to the cards - they will begin to recognize Suits, numbers, and symbols. Pull out a number of pairs (we recommend starting with 5), flip over, and let them try to find each pair! Add to the number of pairs as they are ready!
  2. Go Fish: Play as you would the classic card game (house rules for if you just need a pair or if you need all four!). Kids learn the names of each card and Suit and practice calling them out and recognizing them.
  3. Quick Play: Once they’ve grown familiar with the card names, try out our Quick Play Format (instructions on the back of the instruction card!). This introduces the rules of Mahjong - can only call to complete a set, no Jokers in the pair, etc. Feel free to come up with your own Quick Play lines to mix things up!
  4. Mahjong with NMJL card: Once they’ve got the building blocks of mahjong down, they’re ready for the full deal! Congrats on always having a playing partner nearby!

Happy Mahjing!