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How to Play - Quick Play Format

How to Play - Quick Play Format

Play Away Mahjong Cards are designed for beginners and on-the-go enthusiasts alike!

Each deck comes with a full set of instructions for both Traditional American Mahjong and Quick Play formats.

Quick Play Mahjong Format


Be the first player to assemble a hand of 14 cards. Unlike Traditional American Mahjong, you won't be completing a specific pattern from a line card. Instead, you are looking for any 3 Kongs (set of 4 matching cards) and 1 Pair to win!


Ditch that line card! Select a Dealer to shuffle and deal until each player has 13 cards, with the Dealer getting 1 additional card (for a total of 14 cards). The Dealer will discard this 14th card to begin play - enjoy it while you have it!


Get to know our Texas Edition cards below!

A few rules to note:

      • Jokers cannot be used in a single or a pair.
      • Exposed Jokers can be taken if a player has or draws the card it represents. If discarded, Jokers are considered Dead and cannot be picked up.
      • Winds and Flowers are not coordinated with any of the Suits. The deck contains 8 unique Flower cards, any of which can be grouped together!


Players pick 3 cards to pass. These are cards you do not want. Pass to the Right before adding the cards you receive into your hand. Now do it again! But this time swap 3 cards with the player across ("Over") the table. And once more! This time to the Left.

After the third pass, any player may stop The Charleston. Or, continue passing in the opposite direction (use R-O-L-L-O-R to remember passing order) for a total of 6 passes of 3 cards. A 7th pass is optional. If mutually agreed upon, trade up to 3 cards "Over".


Dealer begins play by discarding 1 card face up in the middle of the table, calling out the card by name as they do so. Moving counterclockwise, players take turns drawing a card from the deck and discarding. NOTE: do not stack discards, but instead spread the cards out so all are shown during play. Cards can overlap, but should be showing!

If a player discards a card you need, you can "Call" for it and pick it up. In order to do so, the card must complete Kong in your line (set of 4 matching cards! Remember, you can't call for a Pair unless to win!) and you must lay down the completed grouping from your hand to "Expose" it. You may use a Joker(s) to help Call for the card but beware - Exposed Jokers are up for grabs if anyone has or draws the card you needed! One last note - if no one Calls for the discard before the next player draws, the card is considered Dead and can no longer be used... UNLESS your house rules permit a Blank swap (we've included 6 in the deck!) - in which case any player at any point may use their Blank to retrieve a long lost discard.

Remember: the only time you can Call for your Pair is to win!


The first player to assemble 3 Kongs (set of 4 like cards) and 1 Pair wins! Kongs and Pairs can be any like cards in the same Suit.

This player won with 3 Kongs: (1) Red Dragons (with a lucky Joker!), (2) 3 Bams, and (3) North Winds and 1 Pair: Flowers!


The first player to complete their line declares "Mahjong!". The next Dealer (rotating counterclockwise) shuffles and deals and the rest is history!


Too quick? Looking for more of a challenge? Grab an official line card or get creative with house rules! All Kongs and Pairs must be in a matching Suit, all matching numbers, introducing Runs (ex: 1234 or 5678, etc. in each Suit), etc. as options for win-able hands! The options are endless!